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Insurance Coverage





Insurance Coverage


Insurance Coverage

 Advanced Body Therapy Accepts:

HSA CARDS (Health Savings Account)

Automobile Medical Payments from your insurance carrier, we deal with all paper work, you should get a prescription from your doctor, and approval from your insurance agent prior to makeing an appointment with us. For more information call, text, or e-mail


Advanced Body Therapy  can provide you with proper documentation to file your own insurance. Call for more information on insurance reimbursement. 

See Services & Rates for Orthopedic/Medical Massage Rates


Credit card

Private payments (see above)

Automobile Medical Payments

Nearly all car insurance carriers offer medical payment or “Medpay” as part of their automobile insurance policies. Most do have medical coverage within their own insurance policies. Your auto medical coverage may also cover all of the passengers in your vehicle. Even if you are a passenger in another vehicle and you are involved in a car accident, the driver’s automobile medical coverage may also apply to you or you may be able to use your own automobile medical coverage if the driver does not have insurance. All automobile insurance carriers have different medical coverage policy limits, coverage limits and other limitations and it is important to contact your insurance carrier. In most cases, your automobile medical payment policy will pay us directly.

Third Party Insurance

For personal injury claims, the “Third Party” is the automobile insurance carrier representing “the person who hit you” or “the person who is responsible for your medical bills.”

For example, if you are rear-ended by someone who has Farmers Insurance that will be your “Third Party” insurance. Typically, the Third Party insurance will attempt to contact you if they have taken responsibility for the accident (“accepted liability”) and offer to cover your medical bills.

Since the Third Party has no contract or obligation to the doctor, they will not pay your doctor directly. We do not accept Third Party Insurance. For this reason, a qualified personal injury attorney may be able to direct you for treatment on a lien basis and have a binding agreement with the doctor to settle the medical bills when your case settles. You may also self pay and submit your receipts and medical chart for reimbursement, we will help you through this process at no charge.

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